We are Chipotle Films, a bi-coastal production company headquartered in LA with teams in California, Miami & NYC.

We use our storytelling skills to help our commercial and corporate clients construct the right message, using the most efficient channel for maximum impact.

Since 2007, Chipotle Films has worked with hundreds of clients and partners - such as YouTube, Spotify, Prevention Magazine and other consumer brands - to successfully create forward-thinking content that authentically and effectively reaches brands’ target audiences.



Marcelino is the Founder of Chipotle Films, award-winning filmmaker & digital influencer. When he is not creating amazing content, he is catching waves somewhere in California.

Marcelino has been a creative force as a content producer, filmmaker and TV personality for over a decade. Starting out as an accomplished On Air Producer/Editor and Post Supervisor, he grew on to editing feature documentaries that have earned international recognition and awards.

Concurrently, Marcelino has also produced hundreds of hours of News Content and has directed several music videos, webisodes and corporate content marketing campaigns.

Marcelino’s keen storytelling sense permeates the way he works with actors, directs the camera and makes the right cut. He continues to build a powerful set of skills as a well-rounded Filmmaker, Director and Content Producer as he shares his knowledge as a Production Mentor to top YouTube Creators.




Lucia is the Co-Founder of Chipotle Films. With a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy & Development, she is a multifaceted creator who has a keen interest in Women Empowerment & Minority issues that permeates in her passion projects.

Lucia’s background in Financial Planning allows her to apply her expertise in budgeting, tracking and team management skills in her role as Producer, while she also exercises her creativity as a Director.

When she’s not creating content, you can find Lucia bouldering at her local rock climbing gym or splashing in the pool with her beautiful family.


Video Production

We are proud to produce content for clients across a broad range of industries, with diverse audiences and messages. These include Major League Soccer (MLS) and Goop Press.


Post Production

Our post production credits include award-winning feature films that have premiered at renowned festivals such as SXSW, as well as mini-documentaries and other short form content for brands like Spotify. We also provide “live editing” services for Live Media Group, editing videos for brands that include Lucas Film, Bud Light and HBO.



When LA’s newest soccer team needed to introduce its branding to the city’s Latino market, we were there to acculturate their message and help them speak to their fans.