SHE WHO DARES showcases amazing, intelligent, talented women who want to share their experiences in business.
They are at different levels of their careers, but they all have one common denominator: a bigger-than-life need to grow beyond themselves and their families. We hope that you will find them as inspiring as we do.



Jill Bigelow, founder of Pelv-Ice, is a visionary mamapreneur who is not afraid to speak about women's issues and challenge taboos. Her passion for postpartum care is admirable, and her ability to identify business opportunities is inspiring.

What we love most about Jill is that she just gets things done. We hope that this episode will motivate viewers to make their dreams happen, as well! 




Audrey Bellis is a bold leader with a clear mission. 

Through Worthy Women, Audrey has established a community where tech and creative entrepreneurial women are inspired to play big in the world. Not only because women are capable, but because they are worthy of thriving in business and enjoying everything that comes along with success.

(Special thanks to Marlena McClain for providing b-roll footage.)





Marshmallow and Emma is the result of Sarah Franco and Sasha Zatler’s fearless perseverance. At age 11, these creative self-starters have already established a comic series and published two books.

In this adventure, they have learned that making mistakes is part of the experience. We are inspired by Sarah and Sasha’s story. It is a reminder of why we should never let fear stop us from seizing an opportunity.



SHE WHO DARES 002 | dinora arteaga

Social entrepreneur, Dinora Arteaga, reminds us that success is in simplicity and in working from the heart. She is the Founder and CEO of Nini Expressions, llc, an eco-friendly greeting card company that helps create a better livelihood for single mothers and underpriviledged families in El Salvador. With an initial investment of $100, Nini Expressions has already been able to change the lives of 27 families.

We are excited to share this second episode of Chipotle Films | Women Empowerment Video Initiative (WEVI) and to feature Dinora's accomplishments. She embodies the WEVI spirit of perseverance and social responsibility.



SHE WHO DARES 001 | Joelle Forte Casady

WEVI is the result of my own pursuit of entrepreneurship. After leaving a job in finance and deciding that I could no longer afford to be an employee, I found myself searching for female role models who were entrepreneurial, inspiring and relatable.

Through WEVI, I would like to showcase some of these pioneering women.

I am very proud to kick off this project with Joelle Forte Casady, wardrobe stylist and founder of Joelle Casady Designs: one of a kind boho jewelry, handmade in Los Angeles.

~ Lucia Caldera & the Chipotle Films Family